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A Lawyer With Perspective From Both Sides

As an attorney guiding his clients through the legal system, Alan Kansas knows he has a tremendous responsibility. Clients trust him to help them make enormously important career, business, and personal decisions. To do this correctly, Alan Kansas realizes that each client’s feelings and individual priorities are a key factor. By understanding his clients while helping his clients understand the laws and procedures that apply to their situations, Alan Kansas and his clients work together to find the best strategies to accomplish the client’s goals.

Whether representing employees or small businesses, Alan Kansas brings the advantage of experience representing both sides. In advising employees, Alan’s 10 years spent working on the management side of employment law matters allows him to explain how companies, managers, co-workers, and human resources representatives typically respond to a wide variety of employment challenges. Similarly, experience representing a range of different employees – from executives to immigrant workers – has showed him how employees react to most employment disputes. This insight is a significant advantage as he helps clients find creative solutions to their problems.

This approach to legal representation means Alan Kansas also provides personal attention to clients with personal injuries. The Law Office of Alan Kansas represents clients on the Westbank, in New Orleans, and throughout Louisiana. Whether someone is facing the storm of an employment dispute or dealing with a personal injury, Alan Kansas can help. Find the help you need by clicking Employee or Employer Services.


"Alan is exactly what I hoped for in a labor lawyer. I was terminated recently. The circumstances behind that firing were questionable and, in addition, the company owed me a recognizable amount of promised compensation. What I genuinely appreciate about..."

A Satisfied Client

"Mr. Kansas is an excellent attorney! He took the time to understand the intricacies regarding my FLSA overtime case so that he could best present it. He is bright, funny, compassionate, and motivated by great intentions. Frankly, he just wants to do right and..."

A Satisfied Client

"I highly recommend attorney Alan Kansas, he helped us understand our options. Mr. Kansas worked to help defend my rights and protect my job so we did not have to go to court. I think there are a lot of people out there who probably don’t have a case worth..."

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10 Reviews