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Key Actions To Be Taken Following A Car Crash

There can be no doubt that vehicle accidents represent some of the most jarring events anyone can experience. The sad fact is that just about everyone is likely to have at least one crash during their lifetimes, and this is true even for the very best drivers. The California accident practitioners at TJ Ryan Personal Injury Lawyers stand prepared to assist victims of car crashes that stemmed from the negligence of another party. However, we are only able to help those who take the necessary step of making contact with our firm. There are some essential things that every accident… Read More →

Former Orange County Bus Driver Pleads Guilty To Charges Stemming From Bus Crash In 2014

It’s been nearly four years since the tragic bus crashed occurred in Anaheim Hills, CA that was caused by a former Orange Unified School District bus driver, however, the case may soon be coming to a close. Gerald Douglas Rupple, 28, has finally pleaded guilty to 11 felony counts of child abuse and endangerment, and a single felony count of perjury. NBC 4 also reported that Rupple admitted to four sentencing enhancements for inflicting great bodily injury. One of the reasons why this case has dragged on for so long is because Rupple suffers from serious medical conditions, which is… Read More →

What Are My Legal Options If I Was Hit By A Vehicle While Walking?

The primary legal claim that a pedestrian who is struck by a vehicle has is against the driver of the vehicle. Likewise, if unsafe surroundings or traffic control devices malfunctioned, a claim against the responsible municipality can be brought forth. Once the guilty party has been discovered, the next process would be making the claim against the indicated party. The most important thing to do following a car collision is to seek medical treatment to ensure that the victim is not severely injured. The other positive aspect of seeking immediate treatment is the effect that it will have on the… Read More →

How Do I Choose The Right Nursing Home For My Loved One?

Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home can be hard but deciding which nursing home to place them in can be even more difficult. Finding the right nursing home for the elder person can prove hard because one needs to determine whether their needs will be met in that specific nursing home and whether they will be taken care of as they should. Where does a family member start in deciding where to place their loved one? How can they decide with all the increase of abuse and neglect cases that are occurring in nursing… Read More →

What Can I Do After My Loved One Was Wrongfully Killed In A Nursing Home?

No one ever expects their loved one to be placed in bad hands when they make the decision to place them into a nursing home. A person expects their loved one to be well cared for during their final years or moments of life. Learning that an elderly person was injured is already terrible, just imagine learning that they have passed away and not like it was naturally intended, but because of medical negligence or abuse by the nursing home and their staff. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect is more prevalent than most people think. In fact, abuse citations… Read More →

How A Well Versed Attorney Does Help In Construction Accident Cases?

At constructions sites, many injuries and accidents occur, and injured workers have to face lots of medical and financial issues. Depending on the situation, if there is no fault of the injured worker then he/she has right to hire an attorney to recover the expenses and obtain compensation. When and Why Hire a Construction Lawyer Hiring a professional construction accident lawyer helps the victim to understand the process of filing the civil suit and all legal theories to bring the case, and also helps claim of workers’ compensation which includes medical expenses, future medical expenses, and lost wages, if applicable.… Read More →

Legal Aid in Car Accident Cases

Car accidents are exceedingly common in this century and according to a survey, in year 2013, approximately 55 Million people suffered from traffic collisions, globally. Not all accidents that occur are due to your negligence, some are caused by other person’s recklessness or due to their mal intention, in order to cause you harm. Apart from mandatory first aid and medical help in a car accident case, the next thing you need is legal aid from a car accident lawyer to ensure that your pecuniary damages are being recovered. Whenever you find yourself stuck in similar situation, reach out for… Read More →

Understanding 3rd Party Claims In Worker’s Compensation Scenarios

A worker injured on the job is entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim without worrying about proving their employer’s negligence or that they were at fault for causing the work injury. Workers’ compensation benefits cover medical expenses, lost wages and partial disability benefits if the injury sustained is permanent in nature. Noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering are not covered under worker’s compensation. An injured or ill worker may recuperate benefits without proving their employer or a co-worker was at fault for the injury even if the worker themselves was at fault. When an injured worker accepts workers’… Read More →

What Not To Do In A Work Comp Case

If you have been injured at work, you are entitled by law to a compensation both for your missed wages and medical bills. In California, even if the injury was the result of your own negligence or otherwise caused by you, you are still entitled to a compensation. However, it is not always so simple. There are many things that can go wrong and cost you a lot of compensation money. If you are injured, your best bet is to consult a workers’ compensation attorney Fresno, even for an initial consultation which is usually free. They will tell you about… Read More →

Tips for Dealing With Petty Theft in Your Small Business

One of the biggest fears that is often on the mind of any small business owner is the theft of your business’s services or products by your employees. Cash is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a petty theft, but employees can also steal property, personal client information, and your time, by performing personal tasks while working. There are several things to watch out for to help you deal with petty theft in your small business. The first of which is, of course, to determine what was stolen, and how much. Did an employee take… Read More →