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What Can I Do After My Loved One Was Wrongfully Killed In A Nursing Home?

No one ever expects their loved one to be placed in bad hands when they make the decision to place them into a nursing home. A person expects their loved one to be well cared for during their final years or moments of life. Learning that an elderly person was injured is already terrible, just imagine learning that they have passed away and not like it was naturally intended, but because of medical negligence or abuse by the nursing home and their staff.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect is more prevalent than most people think. In fact, abuse citations have been given to over 30% of all nursing homes within the nation. With all the old folks’ homes that are present in the nation, 30% is a great amount. Experiencing the wrongful death of a loved one is a terrible predicament to be in. No one ever wants to hear that their loved one has been killed, particularly a death that could have bene prevented. A wrongful death nursing home lawyer in Miami can help the victims of this tragedy comprehend their rights and what they can do to restore some justice for the deceased.

What Led to the Wrongful Death of My Loved One?

Signs of abuse or neglect are sometimes not as apparent as they should be. When the signs are not as apparent, the abuse or neglect does not get reported, which in turn can lead to the death of the elderly person. There are many ways that the nursing home can be the cause of an elderly person’s death. Some of those reasons include:

  • Not preventing bedsores, which can become gravely infected
  • Not supervising high-risk residents
  • Not properly feeding the resident
  • Not providing the resident with the right medication
  • Not providing proper supervision
  • Purposely abusing the resident (physically, emotionally, financially)
  • Having the resident in dirty living conditions
  • Lack of proper medical attention
  • Beaten
  • Slipping and falling (head injuries)

All of these elements could be prevented with proper care, treatment, and supervision. Any of these factors can lead to the resident death. Some of them might not be immediate, but it could be the underlying cause for their wrongful death. Investigating how the resident died can be completed with a Miami wrongful death Old Folks’ Home lawyer.

Getting Help After Losing Your Loved One in A Place That Should Have Been Caring for Them

Abuse and neglect in nursing homes will only get worse if no one stands up and decides to make a difference by making these rest homes responsible for their actions. The sad part is that about 70% of elderly abuse never gets reported, that leaves 70% chances for a person to be wrongfully killed. Percy Martinez law firm does take a stand and wants to make the difference for future victims by holding those who were abusive and neglectful liable for their actions. Speak to them today and they will fight for the victims’ rights.

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