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How Do I Choose The Right Nursing Home For My Loved One?

Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home can be hard but deciding which nursing home to place them in can be even more difficult. Finding the right nursing home for the elder person can prove hard because one needs to determine whether their needs will be met in that specific nursing home and whether they will be taken care of as they should. Where does a family member start in deciding where to place their loved one? How can they decide with all the increase of abuse and neglect cases that are occurring in nursing homes?

The nursing home malpractice lawyers understands that it can be very hard to choose where to place the elder person, but they have established a few factors that will make the process easier for the family member. Placing the trust of a loved one into the hands of an Old Folks’ Home is not easy because it is like giving their life away to a person that you are unsure of. The scary matter is that one in about every three nursing homes have had complaints of abuse and neglect. What can be done to avoid placing a loved one in that one rest home?

The Important Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Old Folks’ Home

There are various important factors that can help a person decide where to place their loved one. There are important factors that the U.S News and World Report has gathered that can assist in choosing a good nursing home. Those elements include:

Checking in on the history of the nursing home: Researching whether the nursing home has had any history of abuse or neglect cases is a great factor in determining how secure and cared for the elder person will be.  A place where this can be seen is on the website. Within the website, there will be a search engine that allows the person to see what type of violation the nursing home has had and how serious the violation was. Learning about these violations is crucial for choosing the right nursing home.

Checking to see if there is any staff turnover: This is a red flag because typically, high staff turnover means something is wrong within the facility that is causing the employees to leave. A good idea is to visit the nursing home and see how the communication between the nursing home staff is.

What feelings does the nursing home give: Sometimes, just the overall feeling that a person gets can be an indicator of how the nursing home is. There is a saying that says to always go with your first instinct. Perhaps that method applies to choosing a nursing home as well.

Are residents lacking independence?: If the residents of the nursing home do not seem like they have the independence to choose or be free during their stay, then this can be a sign that the nursing home does not provide the care they should be providing.

Choosing the Right Nursing Home Before Something Goes Wrong

It is hard to decide where to place a loved one, but there are measures that can be taken to ensure that the place they will be placed in is the right one for them. The Orlando personal injury attorneys of Percy Martinez and his nursing home abuse litigators want to assure victims of abuse that they are here to help and will never rest until the nursing home has been found guilty of their actions.

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