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How Is Your Firm Suited To Handling Employment Law Cases?

I personally have over 20 years of experience practicing primarily in employment law. But what’s important about my experience is that it’s broad employment law experience. I spent about the first decade after law school working for large corporate defense firms, representing big companies, doing all sorts of labor and employment law from litigation to dealing with day to day questions about pay or terminations and even doing strategic planning for managing HR and legal issues. Since then, for about 13 years, I’ve had my own firm. I have represented employees in all different forms of employment litigation and non-litigation scenarios and I have also represented a lot of smaller businesses and entrepreneurs who have a hard time finding the right type of legal assistance with employment law issues.

By learning and experiencing the way employment law issues play out from the employers’ and the employees’ sides, I bring a lot of useful insight that other lawyers can’t bring. That helps my clients understand the full scope of their situation and helps us get to the right results with less time, expense, and uncertainty.

Do You Offer Potential Clients Something Different From Other Employment Law Firms?

I do. It’s been a long learning journey for me, but what I see out there are a lot of firms that represent employees and they are just looking for that 1 out of 100 cases that really hits all the right notes. They are good at representing those employees in litigation, but they don’t really offer anything to help employees who maybe don’t have the greatest cases. However, for a lot of those people it is still possible to use employment laws to help achieve a better outcome. When somebody calls and they just want to know, “Will you handle my case?,” they are not going to learn about any other options that they might have available to improve the outcome and move on with their life and careers. Plus, they are not going to learn why the attorney rejected the case, what information they might be able to gather to improve their case, or what they might do to avoid being put in the same type of situation in the future. This is a missed opportunity that can cost someone dearly.

To try to fill in this gap and help more people get better outcomes, I’ve developed low cost flat fee programs for both employees and employers. For employees, either during employment or (unfortunately) right after employment, my focus is on helping them assess their legal situations and determine whether they should move forward with employment litigation or to try something else to improve the situation before they start spending money on litigation – which is a public record for anyone to see. A lot of times, when an employee takes the time to consider the laws and the practical realities of litigation – both financial and otherwise – and then thinks more creatively about other options that may be available to fix the employment situation or recover from a termination of employment, it becomes clear that there are better options. For employees who have been terminated, they might ask for a severance package or to undo a termination and make it a resignation. That alone could be very valuable in the future as the employee goes on to apply for other jobs. So, there are a lot of options that are out there that a terminated employee should consider besides just litigation.

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To provide these services, I offer $250 case review sessions where I sit down together with my client to review the situation, answer the important legal questions, consider the various alternatives available and help my client choose the best path forward to achieve their personal goals. I also offer half hour phone sessions for $100 to answer a client’s most pressing legal questions. In most cases, I can be on the phone answering questions within a few hours or even minutes. I also have flat fee prices for services to help employees deal with common employment law situations like reviewing and drafting employment contracts and severance agreements.

I also have help for employees who have not been terminated. This for situations such as dealing with ongoing sexual or racial harassment, failure to provide accommodation for disabilities, improper pay practices, or employees who are considering what to do with knowledge of possibly illegal actions by the employer. In these situations, I focus on making sure the client understands their legal rights and then we make a plan to achieve the client’s personal goals. In many cases, employees are better off giving their employers a chance to make things right before taking formal legal action. If the employer does the right thing, the problem is solved. If the employer refuses, it makes the legal case stronger for the employee because the employer cannot claim that it did not realize it had made a mistake.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs who need assistance with employment issues and business contracts, I offer the same type of up front flat fee pricing based on the assigned task rather than just running the time clock. Unlike the big firms that focus on defending large businesses, I provide one-on-one service. I am the lawyer here; this is not a big firm where you’re going to get a different lawyer every time you call. I also understand that small businesses don’t have unlimited budgets and need to spend wisely – even when it comes to getting legal help. My focus is on cost effective pragmatic solutions for those businesses to help keep them from facing the huge expense of an employment lawsuit. Again, for employers I offer flat fee $250 review and legal counseling sessions, $100 half hour phone conferences to answer questions as they come up, and a full menu of flat fee prices for the most common employment law tasks such as preparing contracts or employment policies, responding to complaints, demands, and EEOC charges, and preparing severance agreements.

What Are Some Examples OF The Types OF Cases That You Handle?

I handle just about any type of case arising out of the employment relationship. I represent both employees and employers in cases about racial, sexual, religious, and other illegal forms of harassment and discrimination. I work on cases dealing with retaliation against employees for speaking out against illegal discrimination. I handle all sorts of claims about pay issues, such as overtime and minimum wage claims, alleged failure to pay wages, bonuses, or commissions due, and disputes over oral and written employment contracts.

I also work on cases under the Americans with Disabilities Act — protecting employment rights of people with disabilities — and cases under the Family and Medical Leave Act, which provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year to deal with their own serious health conditions, immediate family members with serious health conditions, childbirth, pregnancy, and care for newborns and the newly adopted. I handle many different types of whistleblower claims including cases where employees allege retaliation for exposing environmental violations, corporate fraud, and government contract fraud. I represent State and Federal employees in protecting their employment and constitutional rights through discrimination and retaliation claims in court and in a variety of grievance and appeals procedures. I have represented employees fired for attempting to exercise their rights under Federal labor law to organize and act collectively with their coworkers. I am sure there are more I am forgetting. I also work on cases where employees claim retaliation for pursuing their rights under Louisiana workers’ compensation law, but I do not handle workers compensation claims.

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