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Client Testimonials

“I hired Mr. Kansas to help draft an employment contract for my small business. He was very professional and had a very quick turnaround time with the contract. Ease of availability and his flat rate services make him an excellent employment attorney for small business owners.”

A Satisfied Client

“I had a case pending from a previous job and Alan provided two very responsive and helpful pieces of advice to consider in deciding whether or not to proceed. Based on his advice, I realized it was time to drop the case and move on. He is very knowledgeable and seeks the best advice, not just another job, which is greatly appreciated.”


“I highly recommend The Law Offices of Alan Kansas. After dealing with years of sexual harassment on the job, I was ready to throw in the towel and resign from my employer. After speaking with Alan, he helped me recognize that I truly did have options that did not necessarily include the embarrassment of a public lawsuit. I found him to be compassionate, understanding and respectful of the sensitive matters of harassment cases. He is easy to communicate with, and is very prompt in responding to questions/concerns. He guided me every step of the way, and presented a multitude of scenarios as he assisted me in communicating with my employer, and ultimately to an amenable agreement.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Kansas helped my husband with an accident claim and he was amazing! He was very patient when it came to explaining things to us, worked hard to accommodate our work schedules going so far as to meet us on a Sunday one time. Alan is unlike any attorney I have ever met as he actually cares for his clients and what happens to them long term, encouraging us to get multiple opinions before we settled. Not for additional money but to make sure my husband was taken care of and that we would not have any trouble in the future. We have no regrets about hiring Alan to help us and would come to him again if we ever needed anything.”

A Satisfied Client

“Alan is exactly what I hoped for in a labor lawyer. I was terminated recently. The circumstances behind that firing were questionable and, in addition, the company owed me a recognizable amount of promised compensation. What I genuinely appreciate about Alan is 1) His honesty: he established every course of action that I could take, but he also gave his honest opinion about the likely outcome of each option. 2) In addition to #1, Alan made it known that he wanted me to make the best decision I could for myself. He did not sway me towards outcomes that may provide more money for him…his stated purpose was to advise (and that included proofreading documents to make sure they legally protected me) and facilitate. 3) He has been cognizant of the hours needed to address my case, consistently made sure I am aware of my bill, and did his best to balance the hours needed to work on my case while ensuring he kept my bill is minimized.

Alan has shown me that he is invested in me…not just my legal case. Working with him has been similar to having a friend that understands labor law. A friend of mine strongly recommended I use him, and I, in turn, would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a labor lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Kansas is an excellent attorney! He took the time to understand the intricacies regarding my FLSA overtime case so that he could best present it. He is bright, funny, compassionate, and motivated by great intentions. Frankly, he just wants to do right and assertively guide the process well. He offers exceptional personal service. He worked to assure that I understood how the employer and judge viewed my case so that we might gauge the likely outcome and anticipate issues along the way. He was willing to effectively counter and overcome any challenges that came up.

Yes, my case was settled for a generous amount. Alan refused to accept any lesser offers. I received every penny of overtime that I had been shorted by my employer and other monies which, effectively, doubled that amount.

I happily recommend Alan! You will not find better counsel. If you read this review and are looking for an attorney with his specializations call him now.”

A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend attorney Alan Kansas, he helped us understand our options. Mr. Kansas worked to help defend my rights and protect my job so we did not have to go to court. I think there are a lot of people out there who probably don’t have a case worth pursuing or would be better off avoiding that situation, but they make unwise choices and miss opportunities because they don’t understand the law and how the system works. For a few bucks, Mr. Kansas is helping them make choices that are saving them thousands of dollars and avoiding the emotional and financial cost of misplaying their hands. Mr. Kansas understands the law and we will do business with him in the future if needed.”


“Alan helped me reach a mutual separation agreement that honored my employer’s obligations under the employment contract. Ultimately, he helped me reach my severance pay goal and was an effective representative when dealing with opposing counsel. Alan was fair and professional.”


“Alan has been very helpful in creating a contract that will help to achieve a fair deal for both parties. He has under-promised and over delivered and his work has been on schedule.”

A Satisfied Client

“Alan did a wonderful job representing me in my discrimination/overtime case. He explained everything to me in a way I could understand and was straight forward and honest with me when I had questions. He helped me get the money I deserved. I highly recommend him to anyone that has been mistreated on the job!”