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Helping Clients get to a Better Place in Employment Law and Personal Injury Matters

In addition to being a legal frustration, an employment law case can also threaten a person’s livelihood or his or her ability to support a family. In addition to physical pain, accidents can also create hardships for families. If a person is injured, does he or she still have the funds to pay the bills and make ends meet?

In any situation, it is important for the lawyer to not only consider the most effective and immediate legal solutions, but also to help a client decide what legal solutions will be the best fit for the client’s personal situation. When individuals contact my firm, The Law Office of Alan Kansas, L.L.C., I work with them to understand the options they have and the ramifications of each choice. I help clients on the Westbank, in New Orleans, Metairie and throughout Louisiana find the solutions they need to best deal with employment law and personal injury matters.

If I think a matter can be resolved without filing a lawsuit, I often counsel individuals to attempt to resolve it in that way. When I work with clients, I help them think about the best solution for their lives. My concerns are with the long-term impact on my client’s life and the best way for him or her to move forward.

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Whether you are facing trouble at work or were injured because of another person’s negligence, I can help. When I work with clients, my concern is always their bottom line. I think about the most cost-efficient way to resolve their situation, and I look for solutions that can have positive long-term impacts. Learn more about the representation an experienced attorney can provide by scheduling your initial consultation. I can be reached online or by calling (504) 300-0071.