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“Alan is exactly what I hoped for in a labor lawyer. I was terminated recently. The circumstances behind that firing were questionable and, in addition, the company owed me a recognizable amount of promised compensation. What I genuinely appreciate about Alan is 1) His honesty: he established every course of action that I could take, but he also gave his honest opinion about the likely outcome of each option. 2) In addition to #1, Alan made it known that he wanted me to make the best decision I could for myself. He did not sway me towards outcomes that may provide more money for him…his stated purpose was to advise (and that included proofreading documents to make sure they legally protected me) and facilitate. 3) He has been cognizant of the hours needed to address my case, consistently made sure I am aware of my bill, and did his best to balance the hours needed to work on my case while ensuring he kept my bill is minimized.

Alan has shown me that he is invested in me…not just my legal case. Working with him has been similar to having a friend that understands labor law. A friend of mine strongly recommended I use him, and I, in turn, would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a labor lawyer.”

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