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How A Well Versed Attorney Does Help In Construction Accident Cases?

At constructions sites, many injuries and accidents occur, and injured workers have to face lots of medical and financial issues. Depending on the situation, if there is no fault of the injured worker then he/she has right to hire an attorney to recover the expenses and obtain compensation.

When and Why Hire a Construction Lawyer

Hiring a professional construction accident lawyer helps the victim to understand the process of filing the civil suit and all legal theories to bring the case, and also helps claim of workers’ compensation which includes medical expenses, future medical expenses, and lost wages, if applicable. The attorney helps in recovering the losses the claimant suffered due to an accident at the job and makes the paperwork easy and hassle related to legal claims as well. Hiring an attorney can make a difference between the case resolved justly and losing the money caring for the injuries from the accident.

The deadline to file the accident claim differs from state to state. The best time to hire the construction accident attorney is at the start of the process to prevent costly mistakes. Because the injured worker may need to cover the lost wages and pay for the medical bills, so it is better to sooner contact the attorney. Generally, the injured employee should contact the lawyer within a week or two.

If the employer’s representative or insurance company comes and offers the settlement, sign only after consulting the settlement offer with the attorney. Because, sometimes the settlements are not always in the best interest of the claimant, especially when he or she has more financial losses or injuries that are not considered in the settlement offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Construction Accident Cases

Many lawyers provide free and short consultations to decide whether they will take the case or not. Before contacting to speak with the prospective lawyer, the client should have information and details of the facts about the case subject and all the financial losses and injuries as possible. The client should bring the employment contract, any pictures of the accident scene or the injuries, medical record if any, and record of the days missed from the work due to injury, and other paperwork. This will help the attorney to determine the merit of the case and the best steps to take. During the consultation, the most preliminary questions asked by the clients about the attorney are:

  • Percentage of the attorney’s practice devoted to the construction accident cases, how many construction cases attorney handled and how often they settled or gone through the trial?
  • The typical range of settlement of construction cases?
  • What are the attorney’s fee structure and possible extra expenses? These cases may be taken on the contingency basis, which means the client owes the specific amount, about 30%-40% to the lawyer if they win the case and nothing if they don’t win.
  • Does attorney has any references?

If it is not convenient for the client to meet the lawyer in the office, he/she can ask the lawyer to meet at home or place closer to client’s home. This may be specifically important if the client is in the hospital or still recovering. Freely ask these questions or any query other than this at Zrawa Law Group’s construction accident attorney Chino Hills.

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