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FMLA Discrimination

Job Protection Under the Family Medical Leave Act

Dealing with your own illness or injury or one in the family can be difficult. Fortunately, some individuals are offered assistance during these situations by the Family Medical Leave Act. The FMLA provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to allow them to care for their serious health condition, a newborn child, for an immediate family member who has a serious health condition.

At The Law Office of Alan Kansas, L.L.C., I have the experience and background needed to help you deal with situations related to the Family Medical Leave Act, including unfair termination or demotion while you are away. If you have been unfairly terminated or demoted while away tending to your health or the health of your loved one, an experienced lawyer can help. My background on each side of employment law cases also helps me to offer representation for clients who have experienced difficulty when trying to take FMLA protected leave.

If you have concerns over your Family Medical Leave Act rights or have been retaliated against for asserting your FMLA rights, contact my office or call (504) 300-0071.

With the FMLA policies offering concrete protection, I can help you get your job reinstated, or help you recover damages if reinstatement is impossible.

Putting an End to Disability Discrimination

Several laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), are in place to protect certain employees with disabilities against discrimination in the workplace. The laws require employers to work with applicants and employees with disabilities to determine what reasonable accommodations are available and necessary, so persons with disabilities can perform the essential functions of their jobs. The laws also prohibit discrimination in employment against qualified individuals with disabilities and retaliation against employees who assert their rights under the statutes.

I am here to help you if your employer refuses to help accommodate your disability or discriminates against you in the workplace because of your disability status.

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