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Sexual Harassment

A Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Advocate for Victims in the Workplace

Are you a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace? Have you experienced a situation in which:

  • Your employer is withholding favorable terms or conditions of employment dependent upon sexual favors.
  • You have been threatened with punishment or promised a benefit based on whether or not you’ll have sex or perform sexual favors with your boss.
  • Management, a co-worker, or even a customer creates a hostile work environment by making sexual comments.
  • You have been inappropriately touched or given repeated sexual propositions by someone in the workplace.
  • You have been retaliated against for speaking out or refusing to participate or go along with the activity.

At The Law Office of Alan Kansas, L.L.C., I can help you protect your rights when you have been the victim of sexual harassment. Contact my office today to discuss your case.

Sexual harassment is usually a violation of various state and federal laws that protect employees from discrimination based on sex in the workplace. These laws, while on your side, are complicated and sometimes confusing. During these troubling times, having the advice of an experienced lawyer can go a long way towards helping you find satisfaction.

At The Law Office of Alan Kansas, L.L.C., I offer compassionate and knowledgeable representation to victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Leveraging nearly 15 years of experience, including working as a defense attorney for large corporations and an advocate for employee rights, I will help you analyze your situation and consider not only your litigation prospects but all of the practical options available.

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, I can help. Contact my office or call (504) 300-0071 today to get the advice you need. Don’t let sexual harassment ruin your career or financial prospects, and continue to take an emotional toll on you. I can help you get your job back or get you the damages you deserve for your mistreatment.

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